Primary Research


LOCATION: The MF South Centre for Scientific Clinical Psychoanalytic Research, Toronto, Ontario and its satellite branch, MF North, Minett, Ontario

From the back cover of the book, From an Art to a Science of Psychoanalysis:

Harry Anderson is a psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst and clinical researcher in Toronto. He has served as Faculty Member in the University’s Department of Psychiatry, Staff Member at the city’s Sunnybrook Hospital and Chair of the Ontario Psychiatric Association’s Psychotherapy Section. He has also held diverse executive positions in the Canadian and Toronto Psychoanalytic Societies, including the Presidency of the latter. In addition to his practice and investigative work, he has conducted seminars at both of the MF Centre locations.

During his medical training, Dr. Anderson became inspired by the apolitical curiosity, courage and determination of the scientists he encountered, and he carried their example into a career in the psychoanalytic domain. He was led to test the definability of the profession’s concepts and the predictive capability of its principles, and developed methods for doing so during treatments. Then some held up to validation procedures while others did not, and a reliable body of theory began to emerge from the work.

As it proved repeatedly accurate in sessions with patients, he applied it in a parallel analysis of conflicts remaining in self after his training analysis. Then new research data emerged from several sources and expanded its range, and as the roots of some of life’s most severe symptoms were reached and dismantled, the goal of providing “complete analyses” became more than possible.

It also became apparent that unsuspected artistic creative potentials could be released in self and others, and that theoretically-informed analysands could create extensive, positive ripple effects in marriages, partnerships, families, groups, career situations and friendships.